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Hall of Horror

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a Halloween party, or a haunted house. But if you have, you’ve probably at some point at another been through what I call a haunted hallway. What that means is that there is an alley or hallway that is decorated like a haunted house. Meant to scare you in a short amount of time, these little rooms are jam packed with your worst fears. Now for many people these only occur during the Halloween season, and they end when you exit the hallway. For me, the hallway was year round, and it didn’t end until I faced my worst fear.
Now many of you are probably thinking, what does she mean? Does she have a permanent haunted hallway in her house? The answer is no. Or, at least not one of my own creation. My haunted hallway is the hallway in the back of my house that has bats living in the walls. I’m not sure if you’ve ever come face to face with a bat, but believe me when I say that it is the most terrifying experience I’ve ever had. Imagine, one day you are innocently doing your laundry when all the sudden a flying black mass, infected with all sorts of diseases, soars into your face. I know, not the most pleasant image. Now imagine that happening every time you walk down that hallway and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.
I’d been in contact with my local animal control specialist for months, trying to fix the problem in a way that would prevent them from coming back. Lucky for me, the man I hired was the right man for the job! He walked me through every step of the process and he answered every question I asked. He was able to get all the bats out and after words he cleaned up the spaces in the walls. He made sure that every nook and cranny was secured to keep this from happening ever again. I don’t know what I would’ve done without him!

What to do when an animal is inside the wall

mouse removalIt seems like it starts out of the blue.  Just as you’re drifting off to sleep, you hear a noise in the wall.  Almost as soon as you notice it, it’s quiet again, and you start to wonder if you imagined that little rustling, bumping noise in the wall.  You turn over on your side, and there it is again!  Bumping, scraping, possibly even chewing.  You turn on the light and look around and there is nothing out of the ordinary in your room.  But, if you get very still and listen very hard, the noise in the wall soon starts up again.

Your mind is still exhausted from a day of hard work, and scenes from ghost movies bubble up in your memory.  Quickly, you reject the idea that these noises are paranormal.  Unfortunately, they are all too real, and you’re going to have to do something about it.  But, what do you do when an animal is inside the wall?

Late at night, you don’t want to do anything at all.  You wish you hadn’t heard the noise, and could blissfully and naively let sleep overtake your senses.  Every time your mind starts to drift towards dreams, though, the awful thought of an animal living in your wall, just next to your sleeping head, pokes your consciousness awake.  You know it won’t do any good, but you slap the wall hard, hoping the animal inside the wall will be frightened enough it will leave your house for good.  Before long, the chewing sound is back.

It feels like the animal in the wall is taunting you, saying it knows you won’t do anything right now.  This is now its home.  It can feed, breed, defecate and urinate wherever it pleases.  If it wants to chew on a wall joist, gnaw a hole through the drywall or even nibble on electrical wiring, it will.  You wonder what damage it’s causing.  You wonder if you’re breathing in animal shed hairs or parasites.  You wonder if it’s gotten into your stuff.  Worst of all, you wonder what type of animal is it?

Do you have a solitary snake that’s slithered up through a tiny crack and climbed up the inside of your wall?  Probably not, not with the nibbling sound you’re hearing.  Maybe there is an entire rat nest in the wall, and rats are running rampant all through your home, getting into who knows what.  Maybe it’s even a raccoon in the wall, or baby raccoons in the wall.  Could you possibly have bats in the wall?

Sighing, you know you won’t have much sleep tonight.  You turn on the light and grab whatever electronic device is nearest to do some research on the internet.  Unfortunately, you don’t get many definite answers, just more questions.  The thought of crawling around on the inside of your home, armed with nothing but a flashlight, and coming face to face with some animal in the wall is too horrific to dwell on.  No, there is only one solution.  You get the number for the best pest control or exterminator or animal trapper in your area.  Let a wildlife control specialist go toe to toe or paw to paw with whatever animal is inside your walls.  No more sleepless nights with an animal in the wall and an overactive imagination.