The Urine Puddle Mystery

While I was in the office answering phone calls from all over the U.S., there was a lady that called in. She told me that in every room of her house, there is either a big puddle of urine or a big puddle of dried up urine. I was wondering if she was senile and forgot to wear her diaper at first. Then, I began asking her if she had any pets, or kids. She told me she lived alone. Then I asked her about any cat doors and windows being left open as to where an animal could possibly get in. She told me all windows have been closed and she does not have any cat doors.

She had been hearing noises, noises that sounded as big as a cat or maybe just a little smaller. Jobs like this can be difficult to do if you can’t find any entry ways where the animal could get inside. We have seen in the past where animals get into a crawl space and come up through the heating ventilation system. There could possibly be a leak in the ceiling that she doesn’t know about. Maybe there really is a snarly animal living in her house.

I advised her to try to set up some type of video recording device and place it in the most active areas of the house where the urine puddles seem to keep showing up at. That way she may get some evidence as to what it might be and maybe even find where it is coming and going from. Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call a technician over just to inspect the house to see if there are any possible areas where an animal could get in. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry.