Studio Skunk

I rent a studio in California and I have a problem with skunks in my yard. It all started about a week ago, or I guess by now it would be two weeks, any way that’s beside the point. They’re scratching at the side of my house trying to get under and causing quite the ruckus I’ve lost quite a bit of sleep over it, since they’re coming from my landlord’s backyard under my house, I can’t really do anything about it. They scratch and move things so that they can get under the house, and then they crawl under my kitchen and bathroom and right into my front yard!
At first I thought it was just one, but now I’m almost positive that it’s two. I’m not sure if it’s two adults or if it’s an adult and a baby, I’ve heard some squealing and other strange sounds from them, but then again I don’t know what a skunk sounds like, just what they smell like. Several times since the skunks got into my yard there have been instances where they sprayed under the studio and it started to stink shortly thereafter.
I know how they’re getting into my yard (that’s fenced in by the way), and how they’re getting out. Like I said they crawl under my house from my landlord’s side of the property, then squeeze under the fence to get from my property out. I haven’t come face to face with one yet, I’ve only seen them from inside my house, but I’m afraid of bumping into one when I come home from work at night. I haven’t done anything to get rid of it and I haven’t called any professionals in either, but I’m trying to find someone so when I tell my landlord about the problem, I also have a solution. Really looking for some help getting the skunks in my yard, out of my yard. I’ve heard about a company called Allstate Animal Control, I guess they trap and remove animals, I hope they can help me.

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