Squirrely Friend

I’m not sure if she’s crazy, but my sister is letting a squirrel live in the house. I guess a few days ago, maybe a week I’m not sure, a squirrel got into her house. She told me it might have come down the chimney but it could be the attic, or even the front door since she leaves it open a lot. I’m not really concerned about how it got in, I’m more concerned by the fact that it hasn’t left; mostly that she hasn’t kicked its butt out yet! I know I probably sound like a whack job being worried about my sister in all of this, but let me explain why I think it’s her fault the little bugger is in there.
1. The squirrel is in her house, but worse, it’s living in her bedroom. Not running amuck in the attic or causing havoc in the basement, but under her bed in her room: with her.
2. It has been in her bed… WITH HER. She called me after she woke up this morning and explained (quite jovially) how she woke up to, “a big fluffy butt in her face”, and she didn’t seem too freaked out by it.
3. She leaves the door open every day when she leaves for work. She says it’s so he can run out, but I’m not convinced she’s trying to make it stay out.
I just need help figuring this out before she ends up on that TV show, My Strange Addiction, as the lady that can’t help but let squirrels live in the house. I love my sister, with all of my heart; but even as a little girl she had a love for wild animals. She used to bring home stray cats and the occasional injured bird, but it got weird when she would rescue mice and even another squirrel once. Back then my dad would sort her out and explain the danger in that, but he’s long gone. And I’m sure he’d be turning over in his grave if he knew she had a squirrel in her house right now. I really need some help, even if someone could just do an inspection. I want to know if that thing is nesting there, or if he’s sneaking in and out. It could make all the difference.

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