Something Fishy

There are mice in the crawlspace of my house. I can hear them running around there and in the walls and I am this close to losing my marbles. I’ve set out poison and I’ve set out traps, I even had an exterminator come but let me tell you what good that did, he just left a couple of bait bags in the wall and crawlspace. Well if my poison didn’t work then why would his! My real problem isn’t just the mice, yes they’re annoying and smelly and could be causing who knows what damage to my house. My problem is that the other night when I brought home salmon to grill for dinner, large pieces of the fish went missing, and I know exactly where they went because I CAN SMELL THE ROTTING FISH IN MY WALL!!
Like I said, I’ve done everything I could think of to get rid of the mice in the crawlspace, I set traps, poison, and closed a vent hole in the wall trying to keep them from getting in; I even called in a cheap excuse for an exterminator and gave him my faith (and money). Before I know it I’ll be the crazy cat lady because I don’t know how else to get rid of them! And as if the mice and salmon weren’t enough, I’ve found holes in the backs of my cupboards and pantry and plenty of chewed open boxes and bags. They’re trashing my kitchen for goodness sake and using what’s supposed to be my food storage, as theirs!
Well call in Arnold Schwarzenegger because I’m ready to say “Hasta la Vista” to these pests. I’ll call whoever it takes, I’ll even tear down my own walls if I have to. I can’t live in this house for one more week with the putrid smell of mice AND fish. Tear gas, machine gun, blow torch, even Bruce Willis; I don’t care what it takes to get the mice out of my crawlspace and out of my life!

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