Skunk in the Shed

I have never been so ticked off with my dad. Last night he tricked me into following a skunk into our shed. BAD IDEA. I didn’t even know there was a skunk in there! It didn’t smell like skunk and I sure as heck didn’t see any black and white creatures waltzing in and out of it. But sure enough, as I dug around trying to find a trap my dad laid for the skunk, that I did not know about because he just asked me to go get the trap from the back of the shed, I found a shiny metal trap, and a big fluffy butt at the same time. I’ve showered so many times I can’t believe my skin isn’t falling off of me from all the scrubbing. I even stole my little sister’s loofah for extra scrubbage, but don’t tell her that.
I turned 16 a couple of years ago so I’ve been driving long enough to have smelt a skunk or two in my short life, but wow it does not compare to this. While the skunks in the road smell like rotting trash, you can drive past it and it’s not intolerable. The skunk in the shed though, I’m almost positive the smell of that is engrained in my pores and singeing my nose hairs every time I breathe. I’m sure if you cut me open in an autopsy right now, even my lungs would smell like skunk. Every breath I take is laced with the awful tinge of skunk spray.
To be honest, his trick with the skunk in the shed isn’t even why I’m upset. Once, I locked him in the bathroom with my friends ball python as a joke, he’s seriously afraid of snakes, these are the kind of things we do to each other. Why I’m really mad, is because I had a date last night with the girl teenage boys dream about talking to. I HAD TO CANCEL MY DREAM DATE BECAUSE OF THIS! I’m just praying that my dad gets the skunk out of the shed and I get the smell out of my skin soon so I can reschedule

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