Scare of a Lifetime

I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot of things, from snakes in the kitchen to bats in the ceiling, but a rat in the toilet takes the cake. People always talk about the scariest moments of their lives. You hear a lot of near death experiences, the occasional skydiving story, and more often than not you hear about people coming face to face with their worst nightmares. Well last week I lived what has got to be the scare of a lifetime.
The scariest part about this I think, was that it was in my own home. When I saw the snake in my kitchen, I was in Texas, the bats in the ceiling were in a rental home in Michigan, and I even came face to face with a whale shark while snorkeling in Australia (not too dangerous but definitely unexpected). I have a knack for attracting animals to me, but this was unreal. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve suffered from a moderate form of musophobia since I was a young girl and found a mouse in my Chinese food, so you can see why a mouse in the toilet would come to #1 and not the whale shark.
It was your average Joe Saturday morning, I had woken up early (okay 8 o’clock) to try and get a run in before I met my mom for brunch. I got up set my clothes out, did a little stretching, and then headed to the bathroom for an early morning pit stop. I just got the toilet seat up when I heard an unusual sound from the toilet. Thinking it might be clogged, I looked down to find my nightmares staring back up at me. A huge, black rat was splashing in the toilet. I screamed so loudly I’m sure the entire apartment could hear me but I didn’t care, I left that building as fast as I could, and told the land lord I wouldn’t be back until the problem was solved. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like a rat in the toilet to really start your day! Talk about a butt pucker!

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