Rowdy Raccoons

You know, I hear about people with raccoons in the attic all the time, but my story seems a little different. Like hundreds of other people in the country, I was hearing the sound of thumping and rustling in my attic that I could only attribute to raccoons. Unlike other raccoons though, these two HATED each other. I could hear them fighting in the attic, hissing and bumping against walls and into various objects. Not uncommon for raccoons, but a little uncommon for one’s that were sharing a living space.
The next odd thing about these raccoons, was that they despised the rain. Whenever it rained, they got louder and they fought more. Weird, right? Anyway, while my sister was letting the dog out one night, she heard the too familiar sound of hissing and a new squealing come from the wall next to the door. As she turned on the light to check on the yard, she saw a raccoon fall from the attic, onto the ground, and roll over to look her straight in the eye, luckily the screen door was closed still so she had a barrier between her and the raccoon (needless to say the dog slept inside that night).
They’ve been in the house for maybe 4 months now, but there was a month of silence where we sincerely hoped they were gone. At the end of that month, I covered the hole that I had learned they’d been using. Not too soon after that, they raccoons were in the attic again. They’d pulled down my cover and were back to their same old tricks. Well it’s been over a month since then, and I really think it’s time to get rid of them. They’ve scared my dog straight and kept me up plenty while they run around. I think it’s about time for me to call in the trappers, let someone else deal with the raccoons in the attic.

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