Skunks Under my House

My husband and I recently found what we believe to be a skunk, living under our house and let me tell you: there is no air freshener strong enough to get the permeating smell of skunk out of anything. Not Febreze, not AirWick, not Glade, not any of them, and I would know. I have tried anything and everything from hanging lavender around the house to completely scrubbing down the carpets and everything else. Nothing is getting the terrible smell this skunk is wafting through our house, out.
About three weeks ago, Mike (my husband) and I were watching a Criminal Minds rerun when we first heard the scratching in the ducts underneath our house. At first we thought it was just a sound from the show, but we kept hearing it ever few nights or so. It wasn’t until the third or fourth time that we heard the sound that we smelt the skunk under the house, I don’t know if something scared him or what but man oh man did it stink. Since then it has sprayed three more times and I’m going out of my mind. I’m almost positive that the nerves in my nose are dying because I can’t seem to smell anything BUT skunk; even when I leave my house! Not only can I smell it everywhere but the people around me can smell it too. They don’t say anything but I see the looks and I can definitely tell that they cover their nose when I’m around.
It’s hard to stay out of your house AND avoid public places. I really can’t do this for much longer. I thought it would only be the one time so I just pushed through it, but after the second stink bomb we set up one of those silver cage traps near where we think it’s getting in. Our house’s foundation is on a key so you can crawl right underneath it and I can see a hole back by where the ducts go under the house. I’m positive that’s where it’s coming in from but I can’t get to it to set a trap or anything. I just need to get this skunk out from under my house!

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