Overrun by Rabbits

There are rabbits in my yard. And not just one or two – they’re not even pets – but ten to twenty sneaking in and destroying my yard. I could not believe it when I saw them at first. I’d always been fairly careful to fence in my property and keep all holes covered, but I guess I ignored one very important hole. The one behind the rock fountains in my pond. I finally realized how they’ve been getting in this entire time! Unfortunately its way past the point of just sealing the hole and calling it a day.
What I didn’t realize when I first spotted a bunny hopping around my yard a couple months ago, is that – once pregnant – it’s only about a month before they can have babies, and then they can get pregnant just about right after. Well the rabbit in my yard turned out to be a female, and she’s had two litters by now. There are roughly 16 or so rabbits that come in and out of my yard, and I know it seems crazy that I didn’t notice until now, but as a lawyer I work long hours and have spent many nights on the couch in my office. Obviously I took advantage of this, and so did the fluffy nuisances in my yard.
They’ve started digging holes around my pond, in my (dead) flower beds, and in various places around the fence. I really can’t deal with this right now. I don’t have time to fix-up my entire yard and set up a trap for every one of them, I just need some help. I’m working a huge case right now and a judge won’t take “I have rabbits invading my yard” as an excuse for being late for court. Cost isn’t an issue, but time is. The sooner the better. Please get these rabbits out of my yard!

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