Rodents Inc.

I’ve worked in this building for 8 years and I’ve never had rats in my office until last week. It all started after the garbage trucks took a day off and all of our trash sat outside in a dumpster and rotted until the next Monday, and then the rats came. I first just saw them outside around the big, green metal box that held everything from scraps from lunch and pizza from a previous meeting. With that and all the other food in there, I’m sure it was like thanksgiving for the rodents. And with all of the flowerbeds and planters around the building, they had plenty of choices for living! We were running the rat welfare program!
Well this Monday, after the trucks picked up the garbage (finally), the rats must have had to find a new food supply because they started migrating from the dumpster, to inside of the building. On Tuesday, Caren swears on her mother’s grave that she saw one in the kitchen, I didn’t believe her until one ran under my feet later that day while I was getting a salad. I couldn’t believe it, there were really rats in the office! Sure enough, the next day someone from DPH (department of public health) was in the office informing every one of the situation and doing inspections. They told our boss that he had to have someone come take care of the problem ASAP.
Well it wasn’t an hour later that he was negotiating price and an appointment with a trapping company. I called in sick on Thursday, and the next day we all only had to work a half day so the company could come in and set up traps, or whatever they do. I guess when I go back in on Monday, I’ll see if there are still rat’s in the office, and maybe go on that trip to Wendover I’ve been saying I’m going to take if they’re still there. I’m allergic to cats, dogs, mice, and assumedly rats too so I’m not taking any chances!

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