Bats… in Church?

I could not believe it when I saw the bats on the ceiling in church last week. Our church has your typical high, vaulted ceilings coupled with large beams making a beautiful pattern; perfect for staring at instead of paying attention during mass, am I right? However, when I saw the bats on the ceiling, I wasn’t fighting sleep during a long spiel from the pastor. Instead, I was enjoying an activity with my Girl Scouts troop. We were gathering to plan fundraisers we could do besides the typical sale of Girl Scout Cookies. It actually wasn’t that long after we got there that the first bat was spotted.
Being an older building it has its issues. The occasional leaks and creaks but I couldn’t believe it when our church turned into Dracula’s cave! Two of our Scouts were walking down the aisle when they called out to me, but my hands were full so I simply asked what was wrong instead of going to investigate. They told me a bat fell from the ceiling and was wriggling on the floor. I dropped what I was doing and ran to their side, bats can be dangerous and there are no limits to what parents would do if I let one of their daughters get a bat bite!
Since I’m not an expert in trapping animals I just set a box over the injured bat and started calling around for help. I had to call in a local animal control to take care of the one bat on the floor, but they informed me that there were definitely more bats on the ceiling and asked me to call someone else to take care of those. Well that is not my job! I help Girl Scouts, not vampires! I called the pastor and told him what was happening and I assume he’s the one who called the trappers that came in. They say that the bats are gone, but I’ll definitely be on my toes during mass on Sunday!

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