Silence of the Chickens

You’d think a six foot fence would keep a raccoon out of your chicken coop, but I guess not. I used to have a nice baker’s dozen of chickens, all raised from hatching until now right in that coop. They were safe there for a long time; until this year. All of a sudden I have the James Bond of raccoons running wild on my property. He is scaling the fence (remember its six feet tall), getting into the coop, killing a chicken, and carrying it back over the fence and dragging it off to someplace who knows where.
I know that chickens are inexpensive, and they hold no real value in a monetary stance, but this is different. I have raised these chickens since they were hatchlings and I’ve kept them fed, warm, and safe from harm and raccoons in their coop. At least they were supposed to be fed, warm, and safe but apparently that didn’t work out. Not to mention that one of the two chickens he has killed was my absolute favorite! She was 4 years old and laying better than ever, but he wasted no time killing her. Between her and the other little yearling he killed, I’m ready to strangle the darn thing!
I ordered a trap two days ago, it should be here on Monday, but I always have a backup plan. I’ll set the trap and I’ll watch for the thing with my .22 on hand, and if that doesn’t work out there are trappers waiting on hold for my call. They’re already planning on picking up whatever I catch, and are willing to come trap him for me if I have any more problems. You’d have to be stupid to think I’d stand by and watch a raccoon get in my chicken coop, kill my favorite chickens, and let them get away with it!

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