Scratching in the Attic

Nothing can keep you awake at night like scratching in the attic.  This whole catastrophe started a few nights ago, at first I thought it was just the dog scratching at my door to get in, but then I realized he was laying at the end of the bed, and he was snoring.  Bewildered, I laid back down, looked up at the stars on my ceiling, and let my imagination run wild.  As an avid reader and writer, the smallest of sounds, smells, or feelings, can become a drastic event in my head. Once, I convinced myself there was a hurricane outside when really my fan was on, an intruder in my house when really my dog was still inside.  All these little, insignificant things can be blown out of proportion, and man did I blow this sound in the attic way up.

As I listened to the scratching from the attic, I played the possible scenarios through my head.  A homeless man taking refuge in the small room (I saw that in CSI once), a vampire waiting for me to fall asleep so he can suck my blood like in Twilight, maybe my future self-came back in time to stop me from making a horrible mistake like in Back to the Future!  All of these wild thoughts made me both excited and nervous so I grabbed the little Yorkie from his dreams and ran downstairs. I decided it was safest if I slept near the phone; and on the couch.

Despite my best efforts (and my Lunesta) I received no more than four hours of sleep that night, five at the most.  This continued for a day or two until we get to now, today in fact, and today I refuse to lumber into work with circles around my eyes like a raccoon (which makes me think maybe it’s a raccoon?).  So I’ll take action.  I’ll search through all of the Google pages, call every number in the phone book, I would even move out for a couple of days if I need to.  I’ll pay anyone and anything, whatever they ask if they can get rid of whatever is causing the scratching in the attic.

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