Bats in the Theatre

I started working at a movie theatre for one reason: girls; not to deal with bats in the theatre.  In Drake and Josh, Drake was constantly picking up girls at the movies, so I figured why not make money and get lots of phone numbers; it seemed perfect until I realized that girls go to the movies only in three cases.  With her family, with her friends, and with her date.  None of which are times when I feel comfortable approaching them, so I left it to them to approach me.  BAD IDEA.  I guess in a way the bats in the theatre helped my game, because until then girls didn’t look twice at me unless it was for extra butter or a refill.

It was a gloomy Tuesday, no sun and no luck with a single female (no surprise), I was on the lowly duty of sweeping up popcorn and collecting garbage, yippee!  When I had that job, credit watchers were my worst enemy; they stayed until the screen went black and there’s really nothing left to see, and man is it awkward.  That night, however, it was a group of teenagers (mostly girls) and they were doing more talking then watching so I just swept around them, and then it happened.  The bats flew down from the ceiling and you’d have thought someone fired a gun they moved so quickly for cover, to my surprise, one girl screamed and jumped into my arms.  I stumbled but held onto her. As the bat made a sudden turn our way I lifted my broom and smacked it.  I felt like Prince Charming, I had just defeated the dragon and now to rescue the princess.  I led the shivering girl to the hall where she whimpered and thanked me, then promptly left.  No score for the good guy.

Unfortunately my good deed held no “true loves first kiss” and I was left to deal with the mess.  Now not only did I have to go back in the bat room to finish cleaning, but I had to call the manager and, from there on out, contact all the Wildlife Removal companies.  Shortly thereafter I handed in my two weeks and got out of that bat cave.  Surely there have to be easier ways to get a date than saving someone from the bats in the Ttheatre, because this was not my forte.

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