Kitty Krisis

I have a wild cat problem and surprisingly enough it started a year ago. ONE WHOLE YEAR. I have left myself subject to this craziness for a year, and all because of my beautiful, 3 year old daughter. Last year, a neighbor’s cat helped a wild cat have 3 kittens (if you catch my drift), and my darling Ariana was ecstatic. She was really into Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat at the time and wouldn’t even listen to the reasons that we couldn’t let the kittens live in our backyard. Her big brown eyes were (and still are) my kryptonite, so I gave into her little fantasy and allowed the kittens and their mother to roam around our property.
Unfortunately, a couple of months ago the mom got hit by a car so now there are only the kittens left, but they’re hardly kittens now. At first it was alright having them around, they didn’t bother us too much, but now they went from cute cats, to absolutely untamable monsters! I had the local animal control pick them up, neuter them, and bring them back so that I won’t have more cats wandering around, but now I wish I had let them keep them! They pee on everything and poo everywhere, not to mention that they sleep all over my outdoor furniture and cover the cushions with hair. They’ve gotten mean too! They hiss at Ari and I whenever we walk outside! I should have made the neighbor take care of them but no, now I have to deal with this wild cat problem!
This is almost a plea for help, I need someone who can remove the cats and pretend like I didn’t hire them so my daughter doesn’t hate me. I can’t stand the smell of them anymore and I’m so scared that Ariana will go outside and one will attack her. She has such a big heart that she would try and get close to them if I didn’t watch her. Please get rid of these cats! I know that I was irresponsible and this wild cat problem is MY problem, but I’m begging for help!

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