Snakes, Snakes, and More Snakes

When a contractor came to fix the duct work under my house and told me there were snakes in the crawlspace, I think I fainted. I know it’s stereotypical, a woman afraid of snakes, but I have good reason! When I was little I was bit by what I believed to be a rattlesnake. As a six year old, of course I didn’t look for a rattle or any other identifying mark, but I was sure that it was a rattlesnake (it was the only snake besides a Boa Constrictor that I could name). My mom rushed me to the hospital to receive an antidote where I was informed that the snake bite came from a garter snake and all I needed was a tetanus shot and a good night’s rest. Well in my young mind I almost died because of the serpent, and I still haven’t forgotten that feeling.
Any who, having this brought to my attention was like being electrocuted, I was absolutely stunned! Of course, living in New Mexico where there are 46 different species of snakes, I should probably have been prepared for this; and I thought I was too, but some fears never die I guess. Luckily, the contractor didn’t find an actual snake in the crawlspace, but he said there were 20-30 snake skins scattered all over down there. He politely requested that I have someone do an inspection for any snakes currently living under there before he goes to finish his work. 7 of the 46 snakes are poisonous so I don’t blame him for not wanted to take any chances. Like Indiana Jones, we both know better than to mess with snakes.
I have been having nightmares lately just picturing a snake slithering up from underneath my bed and wrapping itself around my legs; a reoccurring dream I’ve had ever since the incident I had when I was six. That’s not the only thing keeping me awake! As you might have figured out, the duct work in my house is having problems (hence the contractor), somewhere something came loose and now when the air turns on, you can hear a distinct, loud hum and the occasional rattle and banging. These just add to the haunting dreams I’m having so this is my cry for help. HELP ME, THERE ARE SNAKES IN THE CRAWLSPACE UNDER MY HOUSE. I CAN’T DEAL WITH THEM ON MY OWN. SOS, MAYDAY, HELP!

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