Squirrely Business

I have a pair of squirrels in my attic, and it is just as annoying as it sounds. You know when I moved up here to attend Utah State, I was expecting the wildlife. I have relatives from here and some of my friends do too, they all tell crazy stories about moose in their backyards and a bobcat in a tree house. I was pretty excited about those things, I’ve always wanted to hunt but California wasn’t exactly the best place for that. Well I can tell you with 110% pure honesty, that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, deer are everywhere, but I’m more concerned about hitting them in the dark than I am curious to look for them to find bucks; and moose are hardly ever seen near my house. But you know what wildlife you don’t have to leave your living room to see? Yep you guessed it: squirrels.
I know that college students don’t normally live in homes, but when I found a place that was cheaper to rent than an apartment or dorm, I was in all the way. I’m living off of Top Ramen I can’t exactly afford Grade A housing here. So I guess I should specify, I rent the top floor of my Great Aunt’s house, so I should say that there are squirrels in OUR attic. Since I’m the renter, she should be the one to take care of the issue, but since she’s 73 I’ve taken the burden on my shoulders. She was nice enough to let me live here for hardly anything, the least I can do is help with the squirrels in the attic, but I don’t have much experience. Some kids on campus have advised that I shoot them, but like I said I’ve never been hunting and I’m not the best shot. I tried setting up some of the cage traps you get at Home Depot, but I ended up catching my Aunt’s cat that was trying to eat the peanut butter inside.
At this point, I’m a little desperate. My Aunt is willing to pay for the removal services but I’m going to help, and the easier on the wallet it is the sooner I’ll hire. I’ll probably hire anyone really, these squirrels are driving me nuts! They run around all night long and keep me awake, and sleep is vital in my busy schedule. Not to mention when I went to find an old scrapbook for my Aunt, I saw all the damage that has been done so far, and it is extensive. Insulation is coming out the walls, wires are hanging loose, and there were holes in just about every box up there. That’s not mentioning the poop scattered around and the nests that were visible; basically, it’s disgusting. Anyone that would be willing to get these squirrels out of the attic sounds like the right man for the job. We just need them gone so I can go back to getting all the sleep possible.

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