Trapped Squirrel

Hello; I’m writing to you from the inside of my small, dark prison as a trapped squirrel. I don’t remember how I got here and I can’t tell you when, time is practically untraceable in the blackness that surrounds me, but the incident that led to my capture is clear as day, so here it goes. My brother and I found this house a couple weeks back, the neighbors were nice and it was clean so we decided to bunk here for a while, there was no sign of any other residents (or particularly dangerous predators nearby) so we didn’t think we’d be doing any harm. Occasionally, a strange beast would come in and stomp around but didn’t cause any trouble; until he saw us crawling around the attic, when that happened he let out a small roar and chased us all over, but there was no way a creature like him could catch two squirrels as quick as we; until he brought in a larger, much quicker animal that threw my brother out and proceeded to trap me INSIDE.
I wandered about for a good day or two, crawling through the stuffy walls and around the attic, searching for a way out, any way out, but the tall, naked creatures were everywhere! After my encounter with the first two I was careful of where I ventured, as to keep my whereabouts hidden to them. That was until I found myself inside the walls of the smallest human’s room, running for my life from who knows what. A booming voice had sounded from her side of the wall, one only capable by a giant surely, yelling (or singing possibly) something ‘from the other side’. I moved faster than I had ever moved before, and yet somehow it caught me and now here I am, sitting in a steel trap that has yet to prove escapable. I think the beasts are trying to torture me for I often find the walls around me heating up rapidly and making loud whirring sounds, many times these are followed by the smell of various foods. So here I sit, a lonely squirrel just waiting for whatever fate has in store for me, I’m going nuts. If you have received this message, tell my brother what happened to me and please send help.

A trapped squirrel

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