Bats in the Roof

Recently, I discovered bats in my roof. Here in St. George, Tuscan Roof Tiles are common, and so are the infamous winged creatures. While re-tiling my roof a few months ago, I discovered what seemed to be an infestation of small, brown bats living underneath the tiles! It was unreal the number of animals that had been nesting unbeknownst to me right above my head for who knows how long! Now I’m no wimp, but when I pulled the first tile and those little things flew at me, I screamed like a was a two-year old that had just discovered my own shadow and jumped higher than a startled cat. Of course I can tell now how foolish my reaction was, but it didn’t change the fact that I was scared of the harmless bats.
After taking a couple minutes to regain my cool, I brought my son up to see if I could get the same reaction out of him. I swear he peed his pants when they burst out, I was in tears watching him jump and squirm (I know it wasn’t the nicest thing but how could I resist?). We both decided that it would be even funnier to see how my wife would react so she was the next victim, embarrassingly she wasn’t even afraid. She let out a small squeal of excitement and quickly unveiled more, my son and I were red from our head to our toes when she scolded us for our “childish behavior”.
When the fun and games came to an end, we all knew what had to be done, we had to get these bats out of our roof, but how? It’s illegal to kill bats in Utah so we had to be careful when dealing with the small bats. The best thing we knew to do was call in someone with a better handle on the situation. A professional. He, in fact, had been in plenty of circumstances like this, of course not usually with a colony of bats like I have, it’s more often only one or two. Anyway, we ended up taking ALL the tiles off the roof and putting asphalt shingles on so that there were fewer spaces they could crawl into. Let me warn you, it’s crazy to have bats in the roof.

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