The Woodpecker Waltz

I most definitely have a woodpecker problem.  I have lived in my home for roughly 20 years now, and living in Park City, Utah I have always been aware of the wildlife around me.  I even knew there was a woodpecker living in the tree near my home when he moved in.  Of course, if the animals don’t bother me, I don’t bother them, so I let the woodpecker be.  He made several holes in the large oak and could be fairly noisy at times, but was never a real problem, until this last year.  I don’t know what part of his appetite changed, or even if it’s a new bird, but he has moved to pecking my home.

It was just like someone flipped a switch, the once distant pecking that I could hear early in the morning was all of a sudden a loud pounding right next to my head!  Instead of doing his work on the old oak, this woodpecker had started a hole right in the wall of my upstairs bedroom.  I couldn’t believe it, but I hoped and prayed that he would move back to the tree.  Boy was I wrong.  Within days he was in full blown construction mode and had made 3 holes on the same outdoor wall.  I went online and searched woodpecker problem solutions, and I tried almost all of the solutions recommended.  I purchased taste deterrents and hung up reflectors, whatever I could to deter this woodpecker from my home!  They always worked, but it was always only for a little while.

We were doing the woodpecker waltz; he would peck and I would deter, he would leave and I would stop.  He would come back and we started again; for months we went back and forth in our twisted dance until I finally had enough.  Obviously I wasn’t going to solve my woodpecker problem on my own, I needed outside help.  I searched online until I found this website, where I was directed to a technician in my area.  He’s coming to my house tomorrow to, say “steal my partner”, and hopefully he can end this dance for good!  All I know is that I’m tired, my house is tired, and this woodpecker is still spry as ever; my woodpecker problem is now in someone else’s hands, and hopefully it ends as quickly as it started.

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