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Squirrels Gone Wild

The squirrels in my backyard are nutty – if you can ignore the stupid pun I just made and finish this story, you’ll see I’m being serious. About a month ago, three squirrels showed up in my backyard out of nowhere.  At first I wasn’t necessarily worried about it considering they are squirrels and they do live outside and my backyard is indeed, outside.  Why would anyone be scared of three, harmless squirrels? Well, it turns out that geese are not the only demon possessed animals in the world.  Squirrels also land in the category of unpredictably evil beasts that you can never trust.

Why am I so passionate about my vehement hatred for these squirrels? Let me just tell you.  THEY ARE VICIOUS!  They moved in to the overhang of my porch, and when I try to go outside, they hiss and basically run down the wall at my face.  So far they haven’t actually attacked me, but its close enough!  They will also bite and scratch through my screen door; in one month I’ve already had to replace it, and I don’t doubt I’ll have to do it again soon!  Considering that it is spring time, I’m very worried that they’re going to multiply and then I won’t just have adult squirrels in my backyard, but their baby demon spawn as well.

Basically, I need a solution that’s more environmentally friendly than my .22 because I’m getting closer and closer to that point every day.  I’m especially worried because in two weeks my nephews are coming to stay with me while their parents are out of town and I don’t want them to go home telling stories about the psychotic squirrels in my backyard.  I just want this problem solved ASAP.  If I can’t find someone else to take care of them for me, I’m just going to have to do it myself.  The only crazy animal allowed on my property is me!

Squirrel Trap

Building a squirrel trap? Ah, teenagers in summer.  They have eager minds looking for new ways to explore the world around them, to enrich their communities, and they love to fill the hours by helping around the house.  At least, that’s what we’d like to think a group of teenagers on the East coast were thinking when they decided to build a squirrel trap out of nothing more than a rock in their backyard.  Most likely, they were bored.

Their squirrel trap was simple to build – pry up a rock from the stone walkway in the backyard, dig a shallow hole underneath, prop up the rock and tie a string to the props.  Place a nut underneath and wait.

It wasn’t long before a greedy squirrel bounded up and stopped, sniffing the surrounding area.  Was this too good to be true, a nut just sitting there for the taking?!  The group of teenagers held their breath, waiting to see if this could possibly work.  Cautiously, the squirrel circles the nut, keeping most of its body free and clear of the overhanging rock, ready to run at a moment’s notice.  What was that noise?!  It leaps to the side, ears pricked, tail twitching, ready to run to safety.  Waiting, watching, the nut is still sitting there looking oh, so very good.  The squirrel must make sure it’s safe, but that free and easily obtainable food is . . . just . . . sitting there.  Whiskers quivering, it tries to overcome the temptation, but in the end, must succumb.  One more cautious circling of the precious treat, and he creeps ever so carefully into the shallow pit.

As soon as his tail clears the rock, SNAP!  The teenagers laugh and whoop!  They can’t believe it actually worked!  Everyone runs to get a better view, noisily clamoring down the stairs, slamming open the door and running outside, jostling each other.  Now what?

Creeping up to the rock, one brave teenage boy grabs a small length of twine, winds the ends around his hands, and carefully eases the twine under the squirrel trap. His friends are literally giggling with delight.  The moment he lifts an end of the rock, the squirrel leaps into air and runs to safety, a fuzzy brown blur.  The group’s giggles turn into raucous laughter.  “No way!”  “I didn’t even see it, where’d it go?”  “It’s like a squirrel ninja!”

Were they trying to learn more about the natural world?  Were they just trying to rid the neighborhood and home of a pest?  Or, were they very simply, bored and wanted to see if they could trap a squirrel?  Their parents have to wonder what they will think of next, and can only hope they won’t hurt themselves or get into any trouble.