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Get Rid Of Opposum

I need to know how to get rid of opossum and fast! 

            My wife and I have an RV, and we used to spend every summer driving around to different places, enjoying life on the road.  I got sick two years ago, though, so the RV has just been sitting on our pad on the side of the house.  My wife was so great.  Sometimes, when I was feeling the worst, she would pull out a map and we would figure out where we wanted to go on our next trip.  Planning it all out gave me something to look forward to, and I swear it helped me get well faster.

            So, this year, I’m well enough to go.  I waited until the weather warmed up a little, and then decided to get out there and get the RV ready for our upcoming trip.  I woke up that Saturday morning excited and ready to work.  Had no idea, though, what was in store for me.

            I opened up that door and WHAM!  The smell hit me like a ton of bricks.  Cupboards were open, stuff was strewn all around, stuffing from the dining bench had been pulled out and matted around.  The worst part, though, was the excrement.  It was huge and smelled horrible . . . one of the worst odors I’ve ever smelled in my life.  And some of it even looked fresh.  Disgusting.

            Now, my day of excitedly getting the RV ready for our summer vacation turned into a day of getting rid of opossum and cleaning up after them.  Good thing my wife came running out of the house when she did, too.  I was headed on into the RV with a bag to start the cleanup, but she told me that opossum droppings can have roundworm.  The last thing I want to do is get sick with something else right now.  We decided to call in a professional to do the cleanup and help us get rid of the opossum. 

            Made me so mad to see all our stuff being hauled out of the RV and thrown away.  A lot of it could be salvaged, but some of it was broken or filthy.  I just hoped they could get that awful smell out of there.  No matter how clean and sterile they got it, I wouldn’t be able to sleep in there if any of that awful stench remained. 

            A neighbor caught an opossum in a raccoon trap a night or two after that, but I was sure there were more.  I’m sure some mama opossum had babies in there, and opossums tend to return to their nests year after year.  We had to make sure we got rid of every opossum before I’d be comfortable parking our RV in our driveway again. 

            Fortunately, the cleanup went well.  They sterilized the RV and got rid of the smell.  A few more opossum were trapped while we were gone on our trip that summer.  We had a great summer after all, but it still made me mad to think some opossum family had made their home in our place.  Good thing I hadn’t known about it while I was sick.

Opossum Removal

opossum remival
Jamie was so pissed . . . some animal had crapped on his bedroom floor again, and he was so sick of it that he got his roommates in there for some opossum removal.  He had no idea where the animal was, why it had chosen his room, how it had gotten into the house.  He really didn’t care about any of that. 

            “Dudes, seriously, we gotta find it and get rid of it.  I’m sick of living in a freaking animal toilet.”

            His two roommates and his girlfriend went on a possum hunt right there in his bedroom.  They looked up in the ceiling tiles, they looked under the bed, they looked everywhere until finally there was only one place it could possibly be. 

            “We searched everywhere else, it has to be in the closet,” Jamie said.

            “What if it comes out?” David asked.

            “I’m gonna kick it!” said Matt.

            The three of them walked towards the half-open closet, hunched over, ready to attack anything that would come out at them.

            “There!” Jamie said

            “What?  Where?” David said, jumping back.

            “There’s my shoes, I’ve been looking for them.” 

            “Seriously, dude, you didn’t know your shoes were in your closet?”

            “Shhh, shhh, you’ll scare the thing!”

            “All right, all right.”  And the three of them prepared to slide the closet door all the way open.  Jamie reached for the door.  Matt started jumping from foot to foot.  He wasn’t sure if he was right for a fight or flight, but he was ready for something to come out of that closet.

            Finally, Jamie gathered up his courage for this final stage of opossum removal, and slid the closet door all the way open.  Matt saw it first and danced backwards.  “Aaaaaa.”

            Then, Jamie saw it and full-on screamed like a little girl.  David and Jamie’s girlfriend hadn’t seen it yet, but the screaming had already started and everyone joined in, freaked out.  When the screaming died down, everyone could see the opossum was terrified, cornered, and baring its teeth with a low growl.  It had found a little nest at the back of Jamie’s closet . . . obviously it was an undisturbed nest until now.  Jamie didn’t get in his closet often, apparently.

            Once they found the animal that had been pooping all over Jamie’s bedroom, it quickly became clear they hadn’t thought of how they would go about actually removing the opossum.  They decided to call in a professional, shut the closet door as quickly as they could, and left the bedroom to find the phone, still laughing about how squeamish they’d all just been.