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Chipmunk Removal

chipmunk removal         
          Why would you ever want chipmunk removal?  They’re such lovely creaturessss for us pretty snakes.  Aaaaah, they scamper ahead into your yard and take up residence, and all I have to do is wait for them to make the perfect little holes and trails.  I let them make my perfect home, in your home.

            This has been a beautiful year.  The leaves rustled ever so pleasantly under my belly, and it’s been warm enough but not too warm as I sat and waited for the plentiful food to just run across my path. Then, I caught wind of a group of chipmunks and all I had to do was follow the trail into your yard. 

            You didn’t call for chipmunk removal, so I just waited for the chipmunks to matt down your gorgeous grass and make pleasant little trails and burrows.  The chipmunks’ activities attracted mice and rats, sweet little treats for me to eat.  In time, I took over one of their little holes under your stairs, and I’d watch your ankles as you’d walk right in front of me. 

            Course, the only thing I hate about those little chipmunks is they take all the tastiest little birds eggs.  They just get to ‘em first.  Every now and then, though, I’d get lucky and snag one for myself.

            But, what I really love is when they finally make little holes right into your house.  Aaaah, a warm place, a perfect place for me to slither right in and make myself at home.  Once I have that, well, then, I’ll help you out and do the chipmunk removal for you.  They’re just as tasty as those mice and rats they let into your house.  Course, they’re pretty fast, but so am I. 

            I just slither back outside and lie in wait, quietly, behind a branch, fairly well camouflaged.  I watch as the chipmunk helps itself to your bird feeder, snacking and carrying away a mouthful of the seed you put out for the birds.  It scampers back down the tree, thinking only about a return trip to the bird feeder, and trots right in front of me.  SNATCH!  Air?  I only got a mouthful of air?  Those little chipmunks are faster than I expected, doing a backflip right out of my jaws.  That’s all right, I’ll just stay right here in your yard, waiting for the next little morsel to cross my path.