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Honeybee Control

get rid of bees

“You will absolutely have to have honeybee control come in and remove the honeybees before the big day.”  The wedding planner was overseeing all the final plans for her client’s wedding day, and had run into a snag.  Dressed in a tight white skirt and breezy blue blouse, she didn’t seem to mind walking around the nature center in her extremely high heels and perfectly styled hair that was held in place by a little too much hairspray.  She had already demanded that certain trees be trimmed and a walkway be repaired.  Her client was wealthy, demanding, and could make her career if she did this right.  Her client had insisted on renting out an entire nature center, because she was charmed by its beautiful setting.  Unfortunately, her client wasn’t really a true nature lover, and was adamant that no wild animals or birds ruin her special day.  So, in addition to all the other many, many unpredictable things that could go wrong, the wedding planner had to worry about weather, birds, insects and animals.

“But, that’s in three days.  I’m not sure we can get someone out here to do honeybee control fast enough.”

“Look at me.  I have faith in you.  If you do this right, we could be working together again for a lot of other really rich brides.  A lot of wedding events here means a lot of money for the center, which means you get to expand the exhibits you’ve been telling me about.”

The nature center manager was a kindly, older man whose passion had always been to help other people, especially children, love the outdoors as much as he did.  The wedding planner was right.  This was an excellent opportunity to bring in potential income, as much of his public funding had been diverted to building roads instead of expanding the nature center.

But, first, they had to get honeybee control in here. The bees had lived in the walls of one of the out buildings for a few years, and had built a very large colony.  Truth be told, the center had already received a few complaints from visitors.  The visitors to the park enjoyed the fields of wild flowers and watching the butterflies and bees that hummed and flew from place to place, but this particular honeybee hive was close enough to a popular picnic spot.  In fact, the wide expanse of grass framed by tall trees was the chosen spot for the upcoming wedding, and the planner feared guests and the bridal party would be too busy waving bees away to fully enjoy the ceremony.  Something had to be done.  Honeybee control had to come in and get rid of the bees in order for the park to generate more funds.  If it was done carefully and properly, the bees could be relocated to a safer and more remote area of the park, but it would have to be done quickly if the wedding was to go on as planned.