Squirrels in the Vents

Have you ever heard the pitter patter of squirrels in the vents?  I sincerely hope that the answer is no because it’s quite unsettling, especially when you live in an older house like I do.  I won’t lie, it crossed my mind that my house could be haunted and I thought about calling Jennifer Love Hewitt to see if she could get the ghost out.  Luckily I realized what it was when I watched a squirrel climb from the siding on my house to the tree that almost brushed up against it.  No ghosts, but definitely rodents and I’m not sure which I would have preferred.

After my squirrel sighting, I began to investigate exactly how he could have gotten in the vents because I definitely hadn’t invited him in.  Walking around my house I found exactly what I didn’t want to, a place where the tiny buggers could climb right in.  Near my bathroom window there’s an exhaust vent that didn’t have a cover on it, and led right to the venting in my bathroom and I’m sure to the rest of the house.  At least I didn’t have a hole to patch but the squirrels in the vents were looking like they were my fault at this point.

Fortunately I don’t think the squirrels were nesting in my house, at least not yet, because after I went to Home Depot and bought myself a cover, I didn’t hear them any longer. WOOHOO.  I’m just glad it was an easy fix and not something I had to call in the big guns for.  My advice though, is this: make sure you cover all holes outside that can lead inside, or you too will have squirrels in your vents.

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