Cat on the Prowl

I recently discovered what I can only call a cat on the prowl.  I don’t know what it’s looking for but I can tell you that I’m sure glad he’s roosting underneath my neighbor’s house, not mine.  It’s a big, white and yellow tom cat that has been slinking around the neighborhood for about a year, and while my neighbor was gone last summer, he found himself a nice place to sleep.  I noticed him around their property once or twice, I didn’t think too much of it since he usually goes to the crazy cat lady Maurine’s house where he gets free food, I guess I just assumed he was hers; until Carl called.  He asked me if I’d seen anything strange around his house lately, said he could smell a strong odor like urine and thought maybe a cat was around.  I told him about the big tom and then he promptly thanked me, and hung up.

Well I guess that big ole’ cat on the prowl had made himself a nice, warm den underneath their house and he was fond of using the facilities there (if you know what I mean) because that place sure did start to smell real quick and the neighbor’s started complaining just as fast.  The poor guy, his life hasn’t been real easy and I know throwing this on his plate couldn’t have helped, but you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.  I saw a van out front just yesterday so I assume he called someone; hell I hope he called someone because it’s startin’ to bother me too!  I only live maybe 20 feet from his place.

I been keeping an eye out for that big pussy cat, I’m thinking that if I see it maybe I can help him out.  I don’t really know how but my son has a little BB gun he left here when he went to his dad’s house, maybe I’ll just scare the thing away.  Either way I’m praying that someone’ll get that thing out of here.  I’ve seen people with squirrel problems and coon problems, but this cat on the prowl is stirring a whole new pot of coffee and I don’t like it.

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