Having a skunk under your house is a nightmare! And not one of the ones where you feel uncomfortable but you don’t really know what’s happening and you wake up easily; no it’s a nightmare that overloads all of your senses, sight, touch, sound, SMELL, and it’s one where even when you pinch yourself, you don’t wake up. If you do happen to wake up, you don’t find relief, or at least that’s what happened to us. Living on a farm in Wyoming, I know that there are skunks around and I’ve seen one wandering here and again, but golly this was a different experience. I was literally asleep having a nightmare about a fight and there was scratching and growling and then there was green fog and an awful smell, and when I woke up two of those things remained: and it wasn’t the green smoke.
Well luckily my husband Neil has a friend who does things like this for a living. We wouldn’t get any sort of discount, but it was nice that we knew him and could trust him to do the job right. He came and did an inspection while we moved out to the guest house until the smell (and hopefully the skunk) was gone. He came back to us with bad new, it wasn’t just ONE skunk under our house, but a whole family! The good news was that he could get them out. He set up a trap outside the whole that wouldn’t let the animal get back underneath the house once it left. That worked great for parents, but the babies were trickier. Since they were on the edge of the house though, he made a small pen outside the trap so when the little ones came out they were ours for the removing.
I have never been so thankful for someone in my life. Not only did he get rid of the skunks, but he recommended and taught us how to use an odor control to get rid of the awful skunk smell. Having your nightmares become a reality is never a good experience, but with how smoothly everything was taken care of it was hardly a bother. Plus, staying somewhere other than our house was like a mini vacation! Overall I’m just so happy that we were able to take care of the problem before it became a PROBLEM and that there are no longer skunks under my house.

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