“Come on Robin, to the Bat Cave!”

To say I have a ‘little’ bat problem, is a BIG understatement. We bought a new house in June completely expecting it to be run down and have issues, we specifically like this property because it other buildings around it that we could use or tear down. We were ready for work and prepared for rickety, but we never thought we were buying the bat cave! After the final signings and the house becoming officially ours, it took us about a month to get out to it to see exactly what we bought (we didn’t check before because we planned on rebuilding anyway). When we got there, we realized we took on what could be an impossible fight.
The property had a bat problem like I have never seen in my life, the floors in ALL of the buildings are littered with guano and what I thought was black paint on the ceiling was really the oils from the bats covering everything! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, luckily there weren’t any bats there at the time, though I’m not sure where they went, but it was obvious they had been occupying the space. Well my wife and I agreed that while we did love to see wild bats, we did NOT want to live with them. We could deal with old wallpaper, cracked floors, and an assortment of broken things and maybe even holes in the roof, but we couldn’t deal with this bat problem on our own.
We called the insurance immediately and asked what they would be willing to help us with. They told us that there was nothing they could do unless a professional would come do an inspection. Well prior to this I didn’t know that there were people who specialized in bat problems like ours, but there’s someone to do everything I guess. We got in touch with a “trapper” who agreed to make the trip out to American Fork to help us out with our ‘little’ issue. Hopefully everything they find convinces the insurance that they need to help us with our BIG bat problem.

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