Skunked Out

I’m worried that we have a reoccurring skunk problem underneath the addition in the back of our house.  We had a problem with it earlier this year during spring time when we found out that a skunk had dug a hole under the addition and hibernated there over the winter.  I don’t think we would have noticed if it hadn’t sprayed EVERYTHING around it when it woke up; it was awful but we were a little hopeful that it would move on after that.  That didn’t happen of course, the next night we woke up to hear thumps and squealing that we assume was the skunk fighting with another animal which led to it spraying AGAIN.

After that we called an animal control company to do an inspection to help us deal with our skunk problem, and when the worker came out he found two separate entrances but just set out one trap and said he’d be back the next day.  Well when he didn’t show up with another trap and wasn’t answering his phone, we were a little flustered and very frustrated.  We called the company directly and requested someone come set up another trap and get rid of them.  They quickly sent someone else over and we were able to trap the skunk that had moved in and get rid of it. After that we had to remove and replace almost all of the insulation from the area and seal off the entrances.  The gist is that the whole process was a mess.

After months without a sign of any new skunks, just two nights ago we started to smell skunk.  Not nearly as bad as when it sprayed underneath us, but it’s strong enough that we noticed it frequently.  I’ve look around where the old entrances were and they look alright but I’m just so worried that they’ve come back looking for a place to hole up for the winter.  We just need an inspection to see if there is any chance they’ve come back; and we need a technician that’s going to come prepared for the job!

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