Skunk Assassin

Nothing smells more like death, than skunk spray. And let me tell you something, it’s one thing to drive past a dead skunk on the road and smell it, it’s a completely different story when it’s in your garage and house. I always knew that there were skunks in Park City, I was never ignorant to that (my dog as a little girl got sprayed by a skunk), but man I never thought living with them was this bad! My husband and I have two cats, and we love them, but we love them outside, we leave the garage door open a crack at night so the cats can crawl under the door and get food. Unfortunately, a skunk figured out the trick.
Skunks, as it just so happens, are scavengers and love nothing more than the easy to come by pet food. Figuring my house was a safe haven from these smelly creatures, I didn’t give second thought to my routine of feeding the kitties and sourly regretted it later. A few nights ago, my husband and I woke up to the peculiar smell of skunk spray, we tried to ignore it the first time, but it came back every night! Since it didn’t go away we had to assume the obvious; there was a skunk living outside. We never would have guessed that it was in the garage with Crookshanks and Pebbles. Well just yesterday morning after I woke and went outside to feed the cats their breakfast, I saw the black and white bugger standing near the door. I called Dave right away and told him what happened, and before I knew it he was home from work and looking for his shotgun.
VERY unfortunately for us, we didn’t know one of the most important things about skunks, and you think we would have considering that they spray when they get hit by cars and that’s why it smells so bad, but sometimes skunks spray before they die. Even when you shoot them. And this one sprayed BAD! It covered the wall and our backpacking gear! I haven’t been home since it hit, it was like tear gas it was so bad. I couldn’t believe how awful the smell was! We packed whatever we could in 15 seconds, and took off for his mom’s house. My advice is this: call a professional, not your husband or you too will be staying with your mother-in-law, it almost makes the skunk spray seem bearable.

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