Gophers on the Septic Mound

There is a gophers living on top of my septic mound. Living in Park City, I’m a little bit further out in the “country” than quite a few people in Utah, although not by much. Anyway, back to the gopher. Living where I do, gophers aren’t uncommon for me to find on my property, I’ve actually had to deal with them several times since I moved here. This is a little bit different though. Normally, I would just set out traps and catch him myself like I do for other gophers in my yard, but I don’t want to unearth my septic mound and damage it. Do you see where I’m coming from?
I’ve heard a theory about using a bottle and sticking it a few inches into the gopher hole and that will scare the animal away, but once again with the gopher being right on top of my septic mound, I don’t want to scare him deeper into the ground. Even if they don’t normally chew on lines like that, it’s a better safe than sorry situation.
I’ve looked through my options and I can either try the bottle method, try to trap it like I have in the past which would be significantly harder (especially since it’s on a mound), or pay someone else to do it. Since I’m not in financial distress, I’ll take the latter option. Hopefully I can get a trapper out here before more move onto the same area. That would not be good. It’s bad enough to have ONE gopher on the septic mound let alone TWO!

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