Shelter from the Storm

We’ve got a problem, a big raccoon problem! This winter has been a particularly cold one, and not just for people it seems.  Now I would have guessed I had a squirrel problem or even a beaver problem before I said raccoons, I didn’t know they chewed on things! Well I mean I figured they chewed things, but not like this.  I mean, it’s not just a couple of bite marks here and there, they chewed a hole through the back wall of our wood shed.  It looks like they’ve been hiding out in there all winter.

They aren’t afraid of us at all, either.  That’s what worries me the most.  My daughters have a play set out back that they love but I’m so worried that something will happen with the raccoons that I’ve stopped letting them go back there without my husband or I.  I’m not kidding when I say they will walk right up to you, and the past couple of nights they’ve came up to the back porch and started scratching at the glass door trying to get into the kitchen! Not to mention that they are breaking into our garbage cans regularly and scattering trash all over.

This raccoon problem is getting too out of hand; I am worried out of my mind about my kids, I’m scared to go outside, and I don’t know how long they’ll be there!  We need some serious help ASAP. I’ve called animal control and they were absolutely no help, and the local humane society doesn’t want to do anything either! I am seriously freaking out about this, I just need to get rid of these raccoons, please!

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