A Skunk Load of Problems

We have skunks in our yard, I don’t know where they came from but they’re always there.  There was a time for about three of the four years that we’ve lived here that I couldn’t go less than a week without seeing a skunk in close proximity to the house.  We’ve had to go out of our way to keep our black lab inside when possible and watch him closely when he’s outside.  He is a big dog, he wants to be outside ALL THE TIME.  And even though he’d already been sprayed twice, he still chased the skunks when he sees them.

Last year was the worst of our skunk problems; they dug a hole under our deck and began to live there.  Luckily there was never an incident where they sprayed under the house, but you could definitely detect the skunk odor when you were outside and in the front room. Eventually it went away and for a while there was a bit of a rotting smell, but soon after it dissipated and we assumed that one of the skunks had died and the others had evacuated the hole under the deck.  We were kind of hoping that that would be the end of the problem.

Obviously, we were wrong.  For about six to seven months the coast was clear and everything was normal, but earlier this week we started to smell skunk in our yard again.  We prayed that it was just a fluke thing, that one had just passed through the neighborhood and nothing more would come of it.  Well last night as I took the trash out a skunk crossed my path.  Right there, in the middle of the driveway it fluffed up its tail, hissed, stared at me for a moment, and then trotted away.  I don’t want to risk having them under the porch again, someone help!

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