Raccoons on the Loose

I’ve never had a problem with raccoons on my property, or at least until they started to be a problem, that is. I live in Colorado right near the forest and that itself warrants for a variety of wild animals to come around. I was okay with that for a long time, I mean I’ve lived here for 15 years and it’s never been an issue until now! About 6 months ago, two things happened in my life; I bought a new puppy and raccoons broke into the bird feed.
I know that raccoons are very resourceful creatures when it comes to finding food for them and their babies (and she has 3 pups), so I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. My husband was the one who actually discovered the raccoons on the property (we already knew that they lived nearby). He was leaving for work at around 4 o’clock in the morning when he caught two raccoon’s red handed and elbow deep in the bird feeder. He ushered them away, but caught their tails slinking into the bushes the next day. He’s been bothering me to call someone ever since, but after that it was about 2 more months before we had another run in with the raccoons.
Now the 3 babies are more like adults, bigger than my dog, and MUCH more active. My husband has started seeing them on an almost regular basis in the morning here and there, mostly minding their own business. We weren’t having problems with them breaking into any of the bird or dog food so we more or less let them be; until I left the lid on the dog food off. Well, not off exactly, usually we chain the top on so that the raccoons can’t get in, but I forgot. Now my husband is back on my case about calling in the Calvary so I’ve been looking around. I was recently in touch with a technician so hopefully I can get someone to relocate the raccoons off my property and somewhere far, far away.

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