Baby + Skunk = No Good

Having a baby is stressful enough without having to deal with skunks under your porch. It makes things 10x worse actually, with the heightened sense of smell that comes from the extra estrogen in your system you might be able to imagine how the smell of skunk could get even more awful! Besides the fact that it just smells terrible, I’m also nauseous ALL THE TIME. I’m in my third trimester and this little tyrant crawling around in me loves nothing more than to make me sick (if I didn’t love him so much already it would make me mad). So imagine my distress when I woke up at 2 a.m. the other morning to the smell of skunk, a restless baby, and my gag reflex going off once the scent hit my nose!
Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the bathroom in time before a wave of vomit hit my mouth and since bending over isn’t my forte right now it was left to my husband to do the clean-up. Needless to say after that experience, he sent me to stay with my mother. This is her first grand baby so this skunk under my porch is freaking her out more than me. She’s worried that the smell could harm the baby or that it will attack me, I’m not concerned about the skunks affect to my health but I do want it gone as badly as she does. Ever since I got here she’s been fussing about my diet, how many times I’m going to the bathroom during the day, if my pants are too tight, and various other things a soon-to-be grandmother would fret over. It’s more exhausting than all the throwing up I do!
The joy of the staying with my mother dearest has so far proven short lived so I’ve been harassing Tony (my husband) at least twice a day about our situation. He’s tried to assure me that he’ll deal with the skunk under the porch and that the traps he bought and set will work soon. I’m not convinced and since my mom will barely let me out of bed I’ve been doing research on this thing (the skunk not the baby). There are professionals that do it for a living, who knew! I’m trying to get Tony to call one of them, I’m going to have this baby sooner than he’d like to admit and I want to go to my home, skunk free, sweet home once I pop him out.

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