Feline Frenzy

It had only been a month since we flipped the home before we found the cats in the basement. My husband Curt and I have been flipping homes for four years now and we’ve dealt with animals in the past, but this is crazy! We only finished the house just over a month ago and it went on the market about a week after that, and about two weeks ago, we found that someone had moved in without our knowledge. I was bringing in some stuff for the staging of the house when I sported about three cats crawling under the home into the basement!
When we renovated the house we must have accidentally broken one of the grids on a window downstairs because they had been hopping down into the window well and were crawling into the basement from there. Well we fixed that right up and thought it would solve the problem. WRONG. It turns out that most of the time, the cats weren’t in the basement, but under the house! There were only going in the basement once in a while to sleep, but were going under the house to do their business (if you know what I mean). Now the basement reeks of urine and feces and I can hear the mewing of what I think are kittens under the house.
Well after the embarrassment of confessing mine and my husband’s ignorance to the problem, we’ve been given two weeks to get the cats out of the basement (or out from under the house) before our potential buyers will put down a bid. If it takes longer than that we lose our buyers! I’m begging, I know where they’re getting in now and I’m not too worried about price. We just need a good natured contractor who won’t scare our buyers away but will get rid of the cats under the basement (the quicker the house sells the bigger the tip you’ll get!).

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