Bats in the Attic

I never knew I’d be living with bats in the attic when I chose my new house. I thought that the Johnson’s were a normal family when I moved into the typical suburban neighborhood, I picked it for the wonderful view of the mountains from the kitchen corner, right above the fridge. I’ve always loved entertaining the thought of moving into a cozy cabin in the woods with a good family that left lots of dust and wasn’t too bothered by my webs. Anyway, in this house, I had my pick of the litter in setting up spots to spin my homes, and unfortunately I made one in the attic, right where the crazy animals were nesting.
To tell the truth, the bats didn’t bother me very much when they couldn’t see me, they don’t usually like to snack on Wolf Spiders like me, but they definitely bothered old Mrs. Johnson and her son. They didn’t realized they had more unexpected house guests than just me and the occasional fly (which I took care of), but they soon discovered the bats in the attic. I was talking with a girl from across the street and apparently they’d been renting the house to some distant cousins or something and they let the winged crazies in, but it’s really none of my business to gossip. Once they found them however, oowee it was chaos. They chased them around trying to shoo them away, trapped one in a box once, and even smacked one with a broom; I noticed that they were careful not to kill the bats though.
I had no trouble living with two families instead of one, but after the bats started being rambunctious during the daytime, I think the Johnson’s had their fill. They started to be hyper-hygienic, scrubbing everything down and cleaning anything they could reach. They even destroyed almost all of my webs! It was a mad house, but since they were too afraid to go into the attic, they didn’t even bother the bats! Well, I packed up my things and got myself out of there, I never imagined that something as simple as bats in the attic would drive me from my home, but it sure did.

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