What Goes Bump in the Night

I’m afraid we have squirrels in the attic, and my eleven year old daughter is afraid we have ghosts. Earlier this month I sent her up to the attic to start pulling down some of the Christmas things, and I guess while she was up there she heard something bumping and rustling around behind some of the boxes.  Just like any one from my bloodline would have, she ran downstairs crying and jumped into my arms only to report that our house was in fact haunted. To my horror my 6 year old overheard that and quickly started to cry as well. They both have requested that we either move or have the house “cleansed”; now I know my youngest daughter is only copying her sister but I have no idea where they learned that term but I would go so far as to blame it on my little brother (he likes to tell them ghost stories).

Despite the fact that Halloween is long over, I can’t convince either of them that there aren’t any ghosts in our house. And it doesn’t help that whatever animals are up there like to make noise right around bed time; let’s just say I’ve spent the last three nights squeezing into my bed with two extra sleepers.  I’ve had my husband look around and he definitely thinks that squirrels are the problem animals, we found some pine needles, sticks, grass, and other nesting materials burrowed into some of the insulation and that’s what we’re drawing our conclusion from.

Needless to say, we need some help and NOT from an exorcist or a ghostbuster.  We think we’ve found where they’re getting into the attic from – there’s a small hole that has opened up in the soffit right alongside of the chimney and it looks like it’s being used frequently. I really do need to rid of these things as soon as I can.  It’s bad enough that my brother won’t stop filling their heads with nonsense but now the squirrels in the attic, it’s almost validating all of his stories!  For the sake of my kids’ sleep and my sanity, I really need someone to get rid of these squirrels.

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