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Vole Removal

vole removal
There I was, enjoying a sweet stalk of juicy cattail, when I heard the loudest rumble and crash, and this vole removed itself from the comfortable little den I’d made.  Popping my tiny head outside, I saw a huge scary thing eating up the ground in front of me.  I’d heard of this happening to other voles – it seems the humans enjoy digging deep into the ground to build their dens.  I’d never experienced it myself until now!

            Leaving everything behind me, I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me across the meadow where I’d burrowed my whole life.  I scurried around giant piles of stuff that man had scattered around, my heart beating so fast I thought I’d drop dead mid-flight.  I stopped to catch my breath and squeaked in fright as I noticed the hawk circling overhead.  I had to find shelter and I had to find it fast.  But, first, I had to wait until that hawk found somewhere else to hover.

            As soon as it veered away, I was off, streaking across the ground.  Where could I find soft, malleable ground, with lots of green things to eat and plenty of water?  When would I reach a safe place where I could tunnel around, chew on sweet tender roots, and burrow safely underground?  Why would those people want me, a beautiful vole removed?

            A large wooden something stood in my way, stretching along the meadow for as far as I could see.  Nothing for it, must burrow underneath and hope I could pop out somewhere on the other side.  Digging quickly, dirt flying, I soon made a hole just big enough for me.  Paws scrabbling, it wasn’t long before I came out the other side, and found . . . paradise.

            A quiet, huge expanse of green grass.  It was slightly damp under my sensitive paws, an excellent sign that there was plenty of water.  I stopped and looked around, ready for any danger.  Nothing, just unadulterated greenness.  Low lying plants gave me plenty of cover.  Joyously, I dug and dug, making new tunnels wherever I felt like it.  I found the roots of a young tree.  Nibble, nibble!  Flower bulbs.  Munch, munch!  Beautiful bark from the base of an older tree that I could rip off into little pieces.  One new tunnel led me directly to tender juicy carrots and roots of all kinds of new vegetables I’d never experienced before.  What more could a vole ask for?

            No humans around, except someone peeping out of a window.  They think I’m cute!  No vole removal going on here, obviously.  Here, take my picture!  I’ll nibble on this plant with my tiny little paws, whiskers twitching.  Aren’t I just adorable?