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Rabbit Removal

rabbit removal

It started out all adorable and sweet, and now I’m stuck with some serious rabbit removal problems.

It was early spring, the yard was greening up, we were planning an excellent fishing trip up to the reservoir, and we’d already had our first barbeque of the season.  I was working in the yard when I saw these adorable baby bunnies tucked away in a shallow burrow in the grass.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous they were.  The mother rabbit was right there, but I bent down and tapped my hand down on the ground in front of the burrow.  Almost immediately, a tiny grey and white bunny came right up out of the hole and into my hand.  It’s supposed to be a wild animal, but it had no fear of me at all.  It just wriggled around in my hand, and then fixed me with an almost serious stare with those enormous black eyes.  I lowered it back to the ground, and it waddled back into its burrow with its siblings and mother, little white fluff of a tail wiggling as it did so.

Now, it’s the end of summer.  We’ve gone on lots of fishing trips and hosted lot of backyard barbeques.  And, I am dealing with rabbit removal like you would not believe.  What started out as one tiny little adorable rabbit wriggling around in my hand has ended up as a nightmare.  I’m terrified of mowing the lawn, because little baby rabbits are tucked away in shallow burrows all over the grass.  I look over my yard and see dead brown spots scarring the greenness of the grass, places where adult rabbits have scratched down into the sod to have their babies, again and again.  My vegetable garden is a complete mess.  My wife’s flower garden is a disaster.

I just wish I’d done rabbit removal with that very first rabbit burrow I found instead of ooohing and aaaahing over a cute little baby bunny with big black eyes.  Now I feel like that tiny rabbit was warning me of the disaster to come.  My neighbors are complaining that we’re being overrun with rabbits, and we suddenly have more feral cats and raccoon problems than we’ve ever had in this area before.  They must be attracted by the sudden boom in rabbit population.  Of course, that means we’re all worried about our own pets now, worrying about rabies, mites or any other nasties that they can get from wild animals.

Something must be done, and I just hope it’s not too late to get a professional rabbit removal service in here to get rid of the rabbits.  I don’t care if they’re cute and sweet or old and mean.  They’ve all got to go!