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Skunk Dens and Winterizing Your Home

skunk          Skunks beef up in the fall, binge eating whatever they can find to build up fat reserves for winter.  That means you’re more likely to deal with skunks in the garbage can, skunks digging up the lawn for grubs, skunks stealing pet food or food meant for other domesticated animals, and skunks in the garden.  Skunks are omnivores, so they’re happy eating your winter vegetables out of the garden or insects or mammals.  If you have a problem with mice, voles or bees, skunks are more likely to be attracted to your property.  They also eat carrion, so if you have dead animals in the walls or under the house or in an outbuilding, that may also attract skunks.

These animals don’t stay in the same den throughout the year.  So, if you haven’t had a skunk problem this spring or summer, you might still encounter one this fall or winter.  They prefer their winter burrows to be in sites that are easily defended and that are warm against ice, snow and wind.  It’s common to find skunk dens under porches, in crawl spaces, garages, even under sidewalks or driveways.  They prepare their winter den by building up leaves or grasses to help keep the cold out, and they may even hunker down with another skunk for extra warmth, adding to your skunk problem.

And, skunks aren’t the only animals using the fall to prepare for winter.  Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, mice, rats and roosting birds are gearing up for the cold winter.  Homes, office buildings, warehouses, outbuildings, horse stables and other properties provide food sources, water sources and possible winter nesting sites for these animals.

Allstate Animal Control is your resource for protecting your property against the health and safety risks wild animals pose.  Having an experienced wildlife management technician inspect your home or property can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages to structures.  They are expert at seeking out and sealing up entrance points, removing any wildlife problem you may currently have, and protecting your property against animals re-entering.  This will save you from such health risks or inconveniences such as bad smells, dead animals in the walls or attic, property destruction, water damage, mite infestation, viruses or bacteria in animal droppings, and threats to pets.  Exclusion materials can be installed to keep skunks or other animals out of window wells or crawlspaces.  Licensed and experienced professionals can also sanitize and deodorize areas that have already been saturated with animal droppings or a decomposing animal.

Winterizing your home or property should include taking care of any animal problems before it becomes a serious and possibly dangerous issue.  Allstate Animal Control can take care of that for you.