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Mole Removal

mole removal

I have tried every mole removal product and gadget out there, but nothing seems to be working and I’m getting really mad.  Look, I have a pretty tiny yard.  Even as small as it is, I work hard to keep it looking really nice.  My grass is a dark shade of green, my plants were chosen with a lot of care, and I even have a little flower garden.  So, you can imagine how upset I am to walk out onto my beautiful little yard and sink about two inches into a mole tunnel, or watch as plants start to die because moles are exposing their root system.

And now my tiny little yard is costing me more and more money, as I replace plants, try to revive the areas with dead grass thanks to moles digging, and purchase mole removal gadgets and repellants.  They’re destroying my whole yard, but they really seem to hang out next to my little flower garden area, under some bushes along my walkway.

I pulled into the driveway the other day, and spotted a large black snake slithering across the concrete and over into the area under the bushes.  At first, it really freaked me out.  It’s bad enough to deal with moles, and now I have at least one snake, possibly more.  But, once I realized the snake could possibly be the solution to my mole removal problem, I decided not to hunt it down.  Besides, snakes give me the heebie jeebies, and I didn’t want to go digging around under the bushes trying to hunt it down.

Of course, now I’m stuck with snakes in my yard.  An obvious alternative is to get a cat.  Mrs. Thompson, my neighbor who lives about four houses down, says her cat catches an average of two moles every day.  The cat usually eats them, but sometimes leaves the dead moles as little presents on her doorstep.  Small price to pay to have a cat take care of your mole removal.  Unfortunately, that means you have to have a cat.  I’m allergic and don’t really like cats.  Maybe I can convince Mrs. Thompson to let me borrow her cat from time to time, but I’m sure it’ll get used to roaming around on my property and I’d have to deal with that.

So, snake or cat to get rid of the moles.  Those can’t really be my choices, can they?  I’m tired of spending so much money and time on mole removal instead of enjoying summer Saturdays on my small but previously well-manicured yard.

No, I think instead of wasting any more money on do-it-yourself products that don’t really work, or cohabitating with a snake or cat, I’m just going to pay for a professional mole removal service.  They’ll do it right, they’ll get rid of the moles, and maybe they’ll even get rid of the snake.  Then, I can go back to enjoying time outside in my yard again.