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Feral Cat Problems

Nah, we don’t have a feral cat problem, do we?  I mean, sure, I’ve noticed a lot of feral cats wandering the neighborhood and the farms around here, but that’s just nature, right?  They stick to the farm and get rid of the rodents in the area, and we’re all good.

Okay, sure, sometimes there’s the nighttime activities, the yowling, the fighting, the hissing.  But, what am I supposed to do about it?  They’re just cats, and harmless enough.  My neighbor even puts food out every night to feed them, and they sometimes let her pet them.  So, they can’t be all that bad.

Or so I thought.  I didn’t realize just how bad a feral cat problem could be, and then I got a first-hand lesson.

I was startled out of my sleep one night by a terrific crash and banging coming from my garage.  I had no idea what was going on, but, my heart pounding, I ran down there to see what on earth was happening.  A feral cat had somehow gotten in there, attracted by the warmth, I think, and made an unholy mess.  My work bench looked like someone had just given it a really good shake.  The box with my holiday decorations was overturned.  The window screen was torn and the shade covering the window was shredded and lying on the floor.  The place smelled like cat urine.  My dog was howling and barking and waking up the rest of the neighborhood, I was sure.  At least he was in the house, still.

I had to look around to locate the cat, but I guess it felt cornered, because it hissed mightily and came right at me, streaking by my leg.  I finally came to my senses long enough to open the garage door a little so it could get out.

What if it had gotten inside the house?  It could have really done some damage in my kitchen or laundry room.  Would it have attacked my dog?  Who knows what parasites are on it.  Fleas, ticks, mites.  Yuck!  I don’t want those in my house.  No, if my neighbor wants to feed them, that’s her business.  But, I’m not going to stand for wild animals destroying my things and infesting my home.

Okay, I feel bad for the lady next door, because I know she loves these little wild animals.  Granted, from a distance, they’re sweet-looking, all fuzzy and cute.  But, I got to deal with one up close and it’s not so cute anymore.  The only thing I know to do is to call a professional wild animal removal service to take care of my feral cat problem.  If they’ll handle it discreetly, maybe we can make sure I don’t have to spend late nights cleaning up their mess in my garage anymore.