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How To Get Rid Of Feral Cats

“John, we’ve got to get someone who knows how to get rid of feral cats out here as soon as possible if we’re going to have any chance of selling the house.”

“I just wish your Dad never fed them.  They just keep coming back and breeding right there on the property.”

“I know, I know.  I keep telling him, but he swears they’re all his pets.”

“His pets?  But there’s got to be at least twenty of them.  The neighbors say they’re out there yowling day and night and one of them clawed its way into their crawlspace the other night.  They kind of hinted that we pay for the damage.”

“I don’t know what to tell you, John.  It was hard enough to get him to agree to move out of the house and into the condo we got him in the senior community close by.  It’s just killing me to see him going through this, especially so soon after Mom passed away.”

“But, he seems like he’s enjoying himself there.  There’s so much less for him to have to take care of.  He can just be himself, work on his birdhouses, and not have to worry about mowing or weeding or anything else.  But, hon, I know this is hard on you, too.  You’ve been a champion handling everything.”

“And you’ve been wonderful and so supportive.  It’s just so hard to be packing up his house, all the memories, all the stuff.  And, then to have to deal with this, these feral cats.  I keep going out there and trying to scare them off myself.  I’d hoped that they’d just go away since I convinced Dad to stop feeding them.  It’s just no good.  Lisa suggested we try playing really loud music to try to get them to leave, but you know how my sister is.  Can you imagine what Dad’s neighbors would say then?”

“Yes, well, Lisa’s not here, is she?  Probably a good thing.”

“Ha!  I’ll say!  Well, I think we can probably have the house packed up in another few days, and then I’ll clean it.  I’ll feel better showing the house when it’s cleaned and . . . “

“And if we just got rid of those feral cats?”

“Exactly.  I haven’t been out to the shed yet, but I’m afraid they may have really done some damage in there, or to the shed itself.  There’s an awful smell coming from there.”

“Tell you what, hon.  You’ve got enough on your mind.  Let me worry about the shed.  In fact, let me make the phone call and get a professional out here who knows how to get rid of feral cats.”

“That would be such a help!  Then, I can call the realtor and we can put the house on the  market.  It’s hard enough, I can’t wait for this all to be over.”

“I know, but you’ve been handling it great.  We’ll do it together.  And, it helps to know you’re doing the best for your Dad, right?”

“Thanks for that.  Yes, he even said he’s got a date tonight.  Can you believe that?  Already!”

“Really?  Does she like cats?”