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Trappers Love Wild Animals

As a wildlife control company, sometimes people assume we don’t like wild animals.  We’re a network of trappers, aimed at removing wild animals from properties and away from people.  Truth is, we know a great deal about all types of wild animals that come into contact with humans on a regular basis.  From rats to raccoons, opossums to armadillos, groundhogs to ground squirrels, coyotes, bobcats or feral hogs.  It’s our job to know these animals, what causes their run-ins with humans, what attracts them to our properties, what their life cycles are like, how they raise their young, and what kind of damage they can do.  The more we know about these animals, the better we are at removing them.  The more we know, the more we love these animals, too.  But, our main goal is protecting people, their pets, their businesses, and their properties.  So, we handle wild animals problems with an eye toward protecting your health, safety and property while still taking care of the wild animals as humanely as possible, according to all local and federal laws.  Sometimes, the animals, such as rats or mice, must be killed.  Releasing them into the wild only displaces the problem elsewhere, for other people to have to deal with.  Sometimes, we are able to release a wild animal, such as a family of raccoons, back into nature, far away from human habitation.  We know the kind of diseases these wild animals can transmit to humans.  We know the harm they cause when they attack people, pets or domestic animals.  And, it’s our job to remove wild animals and keep them from harming you, your family, your pets and your property.