Storage Wars

Apparently, earlier this year a family of squirrel started living in my storage shed.  I’m not exactly sure when they moved in, but it had to have been late spring after I had traded out my winter gear for my summer gear, because I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary then. But, late last month when I finally went to pull out the snow gear, I started noticing little oddities here and there. The biggest thing that I noticed was the hundreds of apples all dried up and tucked into corners and shelves, anywhere that they would stay! That was my clue that an animal had moved in

A few years back I had a bat problem in my attic, so I already had the number of a local wildlife guy and he was able to come take a look.  When I had told him about the apples on the phone, he had made the speculation that it was a squirrel and when he came by for an inspection, he decided that it wasn’t just one squirrel, but most likely a family. His guess was that they had started storing food earlier in the year and then in late September or so had built a nest and had a couple of babies.  By that time they would have been almost ready to go out on their own if they hadn’t already.  The solution was simple, set out traps for the squirrels and wait.

He set about 5 traps in various spots in the shed that were fairly visible so I could check them every day and also showed me how to rebait them for every few days.  We took a chance and baited the traps with apples, which ended up working out wonderfully!  We removed 4 squirrels from the shed within a week and a half, they had dragged in some old cushion and padding from somewhere and built themselves a nest on top of my snowshoes!  Luckily, they didn’t cause any damage to anything in the shed and we were able to get rid of them fairly quickly and easily.  All in all it was a simple fix and now I’m not sharing my space with anyone!

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