Squirrels in the Fall

Squirrel (9)Squirrels in the fall don’t care if you’ve spent a lot of money buying tulip or crocus bulbs.  They don’t care that you’ve spent most of a weekend planting bulbs around your home in hopes of a gorgeous flower show in the spring.  They see, or rather, smell, the bulbs as a fabulous treat.  As they feast on bulbs in the fall, they are also looking for easy places to hoard food for the winter and safe, warm places to hole up for the winter months.  If the squirrels are attracted to your yard, they’re more likely to investigate your attic, chimney or walls as possible places to store food or as dens for the winter.  An experienced wildlife control technician can inspect your property, sealing up any possible entrance points against curious squirrels, keeping the squirrels out of your home.

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