Snake Removal From the Wall

Chris and I went to a customer’s house above the Capital Building in Salt Lake City, Utah that we have been going to for years to help reduce their snake and vole problems.

We had been setting out new, fresh snake traps at least 2 or 3 times a week and all we would ever catch were voles. It was cool at first for me, but then I started to get bored with the voles and wanted to see some real action, but with snakes.

Chris usually checks the kill boxes for the voles and I usually check the snake traps to help time go by a little faster. As I was going around, I picked up one of the snake traps towards me by the garage to check it and immediately it flew out of my hands back into the same spot it was first left at.

I was so confused. Then I looked into the trap from a distance and noticed a snake half trapped in the trap, and half coming out of the garage wall. I wondered how I was going to remove the snake from the wall. I tried pulling it a little but the snake wouldn’t come loose from the wall. I also had to be careful because I couldn’t tell whether the head was stuck in the trap or if it was inside of the wall.

I called Chris over to help me. He got some long tongs, put his foot on the snake and grabbed the part of the snake that was in the wall with the tongs, and slowly but strongly tried pulling it out. This snake was very strong. We still could not get the snake removed from the wall.

Finally after 4 minutes, I think the snake was tired of being stretched out, so the rest of his body came out from the wall. Luckily, it was just its tail, and not the head. The snake removal from the wall was complete!

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