Skunk in the Roof

There is a skunk in my roof. Now, if you’ve ever smelled a skunk you know that even from miles away, the smell is strong and potent. I have that in my house. Not to mention it’s not just any skunk, I have a DEAD skunk in my roof. Which means coupled with the foul smell it already carries, I have the smell of death lingering as well. The thing about my roof is that I don’t really have an attic, there’s a small place between the actual roof and my living quarters, but I don’t have access to it, it’s only about a foot-tall at its highest point. Unfortunately that’s all the room a skunk would need to make a nice little nest.
How it got up there, I have no idea. I assume it stuck its sneaky little paws in the cracks between bricks and made its way up, although I don’t know how it could have possibly gotten inside! Of course it could always be a raccoon that was sprayed by a skunk and crawled right in. I’ve heard they’re better climbers than skunks anyhow, unless, since my house is up against a hill, a skunk just jumped right in. It really doesn’t make much sense but I smell something skunky up there.
If it was a mouse or maybe even a squirrel I wouldn’t even bother with trying to get it out, but because it’s so big I have to. It can take 1-2 years for a something that size to decompose, and if that happens I can’t imagine how much worse the smell will be. Basically my house is a dump right now, just smelly and dreadful, I can hardly live here. However, I will not be forced out of my home for some dead animal! Oh no, I’ll break out the hardhats if I need to get him out, hopefully the MANY animal control places I’m calling will be able to help me out. How else would I deal with a dead animal in the roof?

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